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"Around November/December 2014 I found mice in the kitchen under the sink and in one of the drawers, they were also in the laundry room and family in the basement below the kitchen and they were also in the garage. Back then when we had the problem, I bought six electronic traps and placed them around where we saw all the droppings and these were somewhat successful as we caught several mice over a period of time. I also blocked whatever spaces that I found where I thought they might be coming in. The problems seemed to go away, however, they came back once or twice during the year (2015 now) and I had to use the traps again.

Then in September it got worse again (just like it was when it began in November 2014). In October this year I found this Plug2Repel and got one and placed it in the kitchen. That same evening, when my wife was in the kitchen, the cat caught one mouse on the kitchen floor (the cat had never got one before this). I believe that this device flushed that particular mouse out onto the floor from wherever it had been hiding. Since that day (October 8th), we have seen no evidence of mice whatsoever in our kitchen, not in the drawer, not in the under-sink cabinet, not anywhere.

I kept my electronic traps set up but they have been empty so I have now stopped using them. I was so impressed that on October 16th I put a Plug2Repel inside my garage by the garage door. Again, I kept 2 electronic traps set just in case. Like before, that same day and within I'd say what was a few hours, there was one mouse(caught in my electronic trap this time and not by the cat). Again, I believe it got disturbed out of its hiding place soon after I plugged in this device.

From then until now I have not seen any evidence of a single mouse in my garage and it is a double garage. I've even been working in there with the doors open a lot over the past few weekends. Since putting one of these in my garage and since that one catch the same day, I have not had any mice whatsoever in my garage, no evidence of droppings and nothing but empty traps. I feel confident that I do not need the traps anymore and I feel confident that I'll never have another mouse problem in my kitchen or anywhere in the house. I have not had any issues with mice or squirrels or anything in my attic as far as I know, but I don't go up there to look.

I ordered a 3rd Plug2Repel today and I'm going to connect it to an extension cord and put it into my attic just to make sure anyway.It is a very great relief to us to know that our home is, and will remain, rodent free from now on thanks to this clean, harmless and easy to use device. Also, I will say that it absolutely does not bother any of our 2 cats (they are old ,ages 21 and 22 now and I was surprised and impressed that one of them even caught a mouse).

I also like to feed the wild birds on the deck outside the kitchen and the devise doesn't bother them either. If you have a mouse problem like I did, I would highly recommend using this Plug2Repel. However, also don't leave anything lying around that would constitute being a food source for them, and make sure all gaps in walls, doors, floors, anywhere are closed up, especially between the garage and the house if its an attached garage, This is everything I did and I'm so happy to say that it worked. No more mice."

- John K.


"After two weeks of scratching noise in the ceiling and no signs of the rodents inside the house also no obvious entry access from the outside, I ordered six of those devices, as the house is over 4500 sq feet and wanted to cover as much area as possible, I placed all six around the general area we were hearing the scratching, in one day it completely stopped. I believe the key in having these products work is using multiple of them in the same area as i don't think one or two would have worked on their own, maybe in a small apartment but not in a house. I had originally kept the package to make sure I don't need to return these items. It had been 10 days without any scratching sound. Part of me still thinks it is just a coincidence, but at least the scratching had stopped.

PS few years ago we had a similar issue in the same spot, at the time we had a contractor in the house working on a project, we actually open the drywall in the ceiling and placed traps and caught a mouse. we still can't figure out where they are entering the house from we explored all the outside areas and sealed any possible openings."

- Danny B.


"Really did not think this would work well at all, but nothing else worked. Moved to home on 10 acres with barn, etc. and mice were getting in home and a major problem in kitchen. We put one in kitchen and one in basement under the kitchen and after a week or so have not seen any mice. First week we left the drawers open thinking that would help. Not sure if it helped leaving drawers open, but the product worked for us!"

- Joseph C.


"I bought this product because I was having trouble getting rid of mice that were coming into the garage wall. For over three years I have tried various products, traps, peppermint oil, poisons and nothing worked. Every morning just outside the front door would be droppings from the mice. I was at my last straw. I purchased one for the garage and one for the inside of my home. We pulled down the attic ladder and plugged the unit into the outlet next to the ladder. It took probably three weeks before we noticed a marked improvement.

So far, I am very happy with these units. We really didn't have any other problems with the exception of spiders in one area of the house and so far in that area we have not seen any evidence of them. Now to await long term progress."  

- Roxxana K.


"I live in the mountains, in the woods, there are mice. If you don't want mice you better have a cat and a dog to protect the cat as the cat would be eaten by other animals. About once every couple months a mouse will work it's way into a wall of my house. Same wall every time. Baits and traps will kill it once it finds it's way through the wall and out. I know where it's happening but unless you grasp the structure of the house you won't get how nearly impossible it is to stop this.

The product arrived, a mouse had found it's way into the wall the day I ordered it. (Thanks for the fast shipping, seriously!) I plugged it in, didn't hear a thing (we will get back to this point) Well for those who have mice get into a wall you know they can dig, and when they do that it sounds like they are trying to tunnel through your wall. The night I plugged in the device, no more digging. No more sounds. No more mice. I threw some fresh bait on some traps, nothing. Nadda. It's been plugged in for about a month? Now, nothing has changed. No mice, noticably fewer spiders, and zero impact on crickets. They apparently do not function the same as spiders and don't care about silly electronic devices. This is in the family room, It's very close to where I sit in the room and I can't hear it (I actually have very good hearing). It doesn't give me a headache, or any other signs of stress from a noise.

Will I buy another. ABSOLUTELY, when the next version comes out for sale, I'm buying at least two more, one to put in the garage and one in the workshop. The things work. Their warranty, though I didn't have to use it seems to be fantastic and other reviews seem to imply they stand by it. Many of these products are total snake oil. This thing worked for me and my family. I'm thrilled."

- Jessica C.


"I don't used to write feedback and review, and I waited enough time as told from the instruction to write my review after I testified this device. This device function as descripted in the instruction. I found some dead bodies (spiders) in my basement around 2 weeks of used. I will rotate this device in different outlet as advice from owner via his email in order to receive most effective function. Customer service is great. I will need more for my attic and family room. This is great for a house have kids."

- Diana L.


"We put one in our attic to detract squirrels that were getting in especially in the Fall when they are looking for nesting. I had just started hearing some activity when we installed it. After a week, we no longer hear anything. Very easy to use and fast acting. Great company."

- Maurice B.


"Our family recently moved to a rural town in Oklahoma, which seems to be basically covered in spiders. I bought two of these- one for the garage and one for our living room. For the first couple of days, I did actually see MORE bugs than there were before I plugged it in, so I'm glad that was covered in the manual! They seem to be working really well now. I haven't seen a wolf spider in the garage in almost a week, which is a miracle-level accomplishment in this area. I'm thinking about getting one more to put by the front door."

- Janice B.


I purchased this device 2 weeks ago for my daughter's college dorm room. She seemed to be plagued with stink bugs, spiders and mosquitos. She started using it 6 days ago and informed me yesterday that she hasn't seen one bug since she plugged it in. I'm hoping that her bug problem is over with. I bought this device based on customer reviews and so far I have no regrets. The owner of the company has emailed me a few times to make sure I'm happy with his product, which proves to me that customer satisfaction is very important to his company. I would definitely recommend this product.

- Sandra W.


"We live in a rural area in an old log cabin farmhouse and lots of critter sounds in the walls.These devices work great. We periodically switch them out from room to room. We have 3 right now. Haven't heard any activity since we plugged them in. They seemed to have worked immediately. Very satisfied with this product. "

- Linda F.


"I have a rental has rats issues on the roof and ceiling. I have used lots of pest control companies in town and non of them could help much. It has cost me $250 to $450 for them to come and set up two or three traps and a week later come back to remove the trap. Then the problems has come back over and over again. I have even thought about to bring two cats to my tenants. Two weeks ago, my tenant found this online. I ordered immediately. The following is the text message from my tenant: The rat traps you sent have been successful. After we plugged them in on Friday night we heard them running around through the vents a lot. they were trying to get away from the sound. I haven't heard any rats today or last night."

- San T.


"I had mice problem recently. I cleared the kitchen off any exposed food and crumbs, started using traps and peppermint oil at every corners in the kitchen. Caught few mice but there were still few that managed to evade the traps night after night. Until I plugged in this Plug2Repel. The same night, I caught the last 2 mice in the traps and NONE detected with my Arlo camera ever since. I think it could be the combination of the ultrasonic wave that bothers the mice and the trap I have been putting around. It has been more than a week, and my kitchen is still mouse free. In a nutshell, I really like this device and would recommend it. It's a small price to pay to get rid of those evil critters from your home."

- Laurie C.


"This did the trick! It does take a little while for it to work. The first week i didnt really see much of an improvement with ants and mice. The second week it was in use is when i really started to notice they were slowly but surely leaving! We live in the country and we ALWAYS have to deal with ants, spiders and mice! I am so glad this product works. I couldn't stand the thought of a spider being on myself or my 3 sweet kids. We have 2 dogs, a cat and an rabbit and this device does NOT bother them at all. I have heard no beeps at all. We are in the middle of week 3 and have seen no ants, spiders or head any mice this week! My husband was shocked that it actually worked! I would def buy this if you have any problems with pest!"

- Nikki M.


"After some minor hiccups and initial non-cooperation from our resident Mickeys & Minnies, our Plug2Repel devices are doing a sterling job of keeping the critters at bay. The dyn-o-mite folks at Royals Touch Inc. replaced our 1st two devices with great speed & no hassle. I plan on purchasing a couple more for the upstairs of our house to convince whatever crawlies might be contemplating setting up shop that they need to go squat elsewhere. A top notch small company with an equally top notch product!"

- Ted W.