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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Indoor Pest Repellent Devices 

What pests does it repel? 

Our customers have had success with Water bugs, earwigs, rats, crickets, fleas, ticks, scorpions, silverfish, centipedes, spiders, ants, mites, bed bugs, mice, bats, squirrels, raccoons and others too.

Does it work against mosquitos? 

The Sonic Pest Fighter device has a special mosquito-repellent feature. 

How many days will it take for me to see results? 

It really depends on how severe the pest infestation is. Most customers see results in 3-7 days. In extreme cases, customers see results in 21 days. 

Be sure to download & read our instruction guide as it will help you speed up your results! 

How many devices do I need for my home? 

We recommend using 1 device per average-size room. The more units you use, the faster the pests run away & the more effective the devices become! Imagine as if each unit is a fearsome predator for the pests. 

Does the pest repeller bother pet dogs/cats? 

For most cats/dogs it doesn't bother them at all actually. It just depends on how sensitive the hearing of the cat/dog is. In 9/10 cases the pet's aren't bothered at all. If your pet is bothered by the device, let us know and we'll figure out a solution for you! 

How do I know the device is working? 

Please refer to the instruction guide inside the package of each product. Each device is different and has ways to indicate if the pest repeller is functioning properly.

Does the pest repeller use any chemicals or insecticides? 

Nope. Its a simple plug-in outlet unit! 

How long is each unit good for? 

Each device has a shelf-life of 2 years. 

Is it compatible at 110V and 220V? 

As of right now, all our devices are only compatible at 110V. From January 2016 onwards, we'll be offering every unit in both voltages. 

Will this device work on bed bugs? 

Even though some people have seen success with bed bugs, however we can't promise it as we havn't tested it for that purpose. We don't want to promise you something unless we're 100% sure of it! 

Does this product works on squirrel in the attic?

Yes - it definitely works against squirrels in the attic. The effectiveness of the device though will depend on what type of attic you have and how many things you may have in the attic. Our ultrasonic waves can't pass through solid objects and should the ultrasonic sound wave be blocked by physical objects the effectiveness may be less.

We suggest (depending on your situation) that you put one device on each corner of your open floor plan attic, facing each other without having any obstructions in-between the devices. Should there be any clutter and storage items, we suggest you remove it and keep the attic as free from clutter as possible to get the best results from our pest repeller.

If you have any other questions or concerns, email us at support (at) and our dedicated client-care team will help you out!