Our Story

Our Story

For years we struggled with pest infestation in our home. My wife (Lilia) absolutely can't stand pests, and after spending a small fortune on hiring pest control companies to get rid of pests, trying poisons, traps & insecticides, we decided to try ultrasonic pest devices ourselves.

We needed to find a solution (fast!) because we kept having the same issue every year! 

We had heard of these ultrasonic repellent devices, but were pretty skeptical as we hadn't heard great things about it. 

But because we were so desperate - we decided to try multiple brands. 

Most of the devices did not work - while some worked with little success - but we noticed a little strategy that worked so well, it almost took us by surprise. (More on that later)...

After doing a ton of research, we decided to seek out a manufacturing facility that could produce a product that met our strict criteria.

And we did it!

Our first product-line tackles one of the biggest issues faced by many American families today - pest infestation. 

Not only is it extremely irritating to have pests running around your home but it also presents a serious health-hazard to you and your loved ones.




Even though there are many alternatives to eliminate pests in the short-run (like hiring a pest control service), we wanted something

So after doing a lot of research we decided to look into ultrasonic plug-in pest repellent devices. These can simply be plugged in to any outlet in your room, and they begin driving pests away from your home. No cleaning up, no insecticides and no harmful chemicals! Bingo! 

But there was a problem...

Pest repellent devices like these have been selling for decades but 95% of them just flat out don't work!

When we found this out, we were extremely upset.

We knew we were fighting an uphill battle - because many people believe that ultrasonic devices don't work. 

That's one of the core reasons why we began dedicating 100% of our focus on providing a phenomenal experience for the customer, as a whole by providing a QUALITY product that actually works, along with unmatched level of customer service to REALLY help families like ours end put a permanent end to this irritating problem! 

We also enforce a few advanced quality-control processes put into place at our factory to make sure each and every pest repellent device works, exactly as promised.

Now during our experimentations, we had a series of accidental discoveries...

We Uncovered A Revolutionary Approach To Make Sure The Pests Leave For Good & NEVER Come Back Again...

And this approach would mean - no more spending $1000's of dollars on pest control every few months...

No more cleaning up dead rodents or dealing with messy traps.

Just plug 1 device per room and you're all set!

By now combining the EASE of use with this pest repeller with our long-term pest elimination strategy we'll share with you, you'll have a pest-free home in as little as 7-14 days! Your home will be clean from rodents, rats, mice, spiders, ants and cockroaches.

This simple yet fool-proof short-term AND long-term pest elimination approach is shared in a bonus free guide sent to each customer who buys our Plug2Repel devices.

In the near future, our team here at Home Shielders is committed to announcing plenty more products (just like the breakthrough pest repellent device) that'll give you the peace of mind you desire & deserve!

You can check out our full suite of products by visiting our store.

We hope you've enjoyed reading our story!

Happy shopping!
The Home Shielders Team