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My name is David Walters and I want to congratulate you on ordering your pest repellent devices from!

You’ve made an extremely smart decision. In this guide, I’ll share with you some powerful yet incredibly simple techniques to make sure you put an end to your pest problem.

By reading this guide, you’ll gain an understanding of how your pest repeller devices actually work, and how to use them to get MAXIMUM results - for a very long time.

Why is this important?

Because some pest infestations are more severe than others, and because of this you need to slightly adjust how you use these devices in your home.

Regardless of your situation - by the end of this guide…

You’ll Have A Bulletproof, Simple & Long-term Solution For Putting An End To Your Pest Problem!

I’ll also answer some commonly asked questions you might have about our devices later in this guide. 

So let’s get started…

Now just like us humans, pests are creatures of habit.

They’ve survived for thousands of years with the instinct of running away from things they don’t understand or are not used to.

When their habitat & environment gets disturbed in any way, they tend to react by running away from it.

Each of our device uses ultrasonic sound waves and electro-magnetic technologies to emulate a fearsome predator being present with loud sounds (that are at a frequency that is above our human hearing capabilities).

To put it into perspective, for humans its like having an extremely loud fire alarm going on and off every 30 seconds throughout the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

So when you plug-in your pest repeller unit, you’ll begin noticing more pest activity than usual during the first 3-7 days of plugging in the device.

Its because the pests are running all over the place trying to find another place to hide!

This is good news - and indicates that the pest repeller is working!

Now get this. In most cases, just plugging in the pest repeller is enough to drive the pests away.

But here’s what we suggest you do.

While the pest repeller is doing its job, let’s maximize the opportunity & do a few other (really simple) things to make sure their environment is disturbed in such a significant manner that they run away FASTER and never return again!

So here are 3 ultra-powerful yet simple ways to make them go away, and keep them away!

Strategy #1 - Shut Off Their Normal Path

While the pest repeller device keeps them scared within the house, you’ll see a certain direction that the pests are moving to and from. Be sure to follow their path and and plug any holes you notice and cleanup that entire area.

This will make sure the pests don’t have any place to return.

Also - when you follow their path, be sure to clean up as you go looking for the hole. This will reinforce and be a massive disturbance to their environment because pests like taking the same route!

This will also reduce chances of pests such as rats or mice passing on any diseases they may have on to you or your loved ones.

It is important to remember that pests such as rats and mice carry many different types of diseases with them.

Even though you don’t come into contact with them, humans can still get diseases from coming into contact on surfaces that the rats and mice’s have come into before.

Rat and mice’s nests (even when they’re not living in it) are the perfect environment for insect activities.

Cleaning these nests reduces the chances of rats and mice’s coming back, and it also dramatically reduces the insect activities within your home.

Strategy #2 - Changing The Direction Of The Device Once In A While

This one’s pretty simple. Once every 3-5 days, just move the unit to a different outlet in your room.

By doing this, you’ll vary the direction where the ultrasonic & electro-mag sounds are coming from - which will make the devices even more powerful! 

Strategy #3 - Using More Devices

The more devices you have for each room, the better. 

Just like a fire alarm, the closer you are to it - the louder the noise and naturally, the more irritating & unbearable it becomes. By having 1 device per room, the pests will have no chance for relief until they’re out of your home! 

If you want to purchase more devices, we have special bundle offers you can now take advantage off by going to our store page.

Commonly Asked Questions: 

1. How do I know the units are working perfectly?

For the Plug2Repel and the Pest Revolter device - both green & red lights will turn on. The green light will be flashing in quick intervals, so it may seem solid.

For the Sonic Pest Fighter - the whole unit will light up.

Its important to understand that these intervals will vary from time to time, and from device to device so the pests don’t get used to the same ultrasonic and electro-magnetic frequency.

To explain why we do this in a much more practical sense, let me give you a simple example. 

If you’re sitting in your living room and a train comes by your house every 10 minutes, you may feel irritated by the train’s loud noise in the first hour. But after a few hours your mind automatically ignores & dismisses the train sound.

These pest repeller devices are the same way. If the ultrasonic & electromagnetic frequency stays the same, the pests will simply get used to it and begin ignoring it.

Obviously, we don’t want that! So to ensure long-lasting results & maximum effectiveness, this pest repeller automatically keeps adjusting & changing the frequency so the pests want to run as far away from it as possible and never come back!

TIP: Both lights are just a visual aid to indicate what the pest repellers are actually doing and if the device is working. Some of our customers have reported that the flashing red light is a little annoying in the Plug2Repel devices.

UPDATE: We’re just releasing our newest version of the Plug2Repel devices where both the lights will be solid the whole time. But for now, we suggest putting a black tape or something to cover the red light if you’re bothered by it.

2. Is this safe for my pet dog/cat?

The pest repellers are perfectly safe around pets like dogs and cats, and will never cause them any physical harm. However, dogs and cats have a higher hearing frequency than us, so different types of dogs and cats will react differently to the pest repeller devices. 

Most dogs and cats will dismiss the pest repellers completely while some will not go close to the pest repellers. Should your pets be afraid of the pest repellers we suggest you keep the pest repellers in rooms where your pets don’t have access to.

If you’re pet dog/cat can’t tolerate the pest repeller at all, please contact our client-care team at support (at) and we’ll figure out a solution for you :) Remember, your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.

3. Can I just plug-in the pest repeller & forget about it? 

Yes you can. As we’ve explained earlier, the results will vary from person to person because everyone’s environment is different.

In most cases, just plugging in the pest repeller is all that needs to be done. But even if you do get rid of pests just by plugging it in, we still recommend you follow strategy #1 (shutting off their normal path cleaning up) so no diseases get passed on to you or your family.

Another benefit to this is that by cleaning up the infested area, you’ll put an end to the pest problem in the long run. 

4. How long will it take for me to be 100% pest-free?

As stated in the last question, for some it may take a bit longer and require more effort while for others it takes less time and effort. It just depends on how severe the infestation is. 

Most customers see results in 7-10 days. Some customers have even seen results in as little as 2 days!

But in extreme cases, it may take up to 21 days to see complete results. 

It is important to still keep the habit of moving the pest repellers around the room and keeping the room clean on a monthly bases as this will assist greatly in keeping the rodents away from your home and not nest in your home again.

5. How many devices do I need for my home?

For best & fastest results, we recommend having 1 device for each room in your household. Most customers order 1 for each bedroom, 1 for the kitchen, and a couple for their living room (depending on the size). The more devices you use at your home, the faster the pests will run away.

Some customers also have 2 devices plugged at opposite ends of the room in the corner as this is usually the best coverage for most homes in a standard room.

Note: Having more plugged in at different parts of the room will increase your coverage area as sound does not pass through solid objects.

Remember that ultrasonic sound wave (just like any sound) doesn’t pass through any solid objects such as walls, sofa’s or refrigerators. So make sure that there are no obstructions in front of the pest repellers in order to get the best coverage!

6. I can hear the device buzzing. What should I do?

This happens from time to time because different people have different sensitivity of hearing.

Some people have better hearing than others and its different for everyone!

For instance - we recently had a customer who told us that her kid could clearly hear the device, while she couldn’t.

This is because young kids usually have much better hearing than us. In this case, we suggested her to plug in the units when the kids are away (or in a different room).

Remember - we’ve designed the devices to make sure they have the right balance between driving the pests absolutely crazy - while being silent to us.

This is why we warn our customers to stay away from companies who promise that their pest repellers are 100% inaudible to human ear. Most of those devices are just glorified nightlights - and just flat out don’t work. 

So just so you know, there should be a (very) slight sound coming from the units if you were to literally put your ear right beside it - this actually indicates that the unit is working well. 

However - if the sound is REALLY loud and unbearable (and clear to you), then it may be a case of you receiving a defected unit.

This is extremely rare, but in a case like this immediately contact us at and I’ll personally handle this problem for you as soon as possible! 

7 Fool-Proof Maintenance Tips:

That’s it!

By using the tips & strategies shared within this guide, you’ll put an end to your pest problem forever.

Not only is this easier than hiring a pest control service (and less expensive), but its also 100% eco-friendly & safe!

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