Finally, a proven eco-friendly & humane solution for protecting your property against all kinds of pests, animals & birds... 

Our aim at Home Shielders is to protect you & your family from annoyances such as indoor pests

... and do it in a 100% humane & eco-friendly way. 

No more messing around with harmful chemicals, messy rat traps, or dealing with expensive pest control services every few months. 

The best part about using our products is that most of them are hands-free & zero-maintenance - so once you setup the specific product for a pest / animal / bird, that issue will be taken care of... for life. 

This is why we have over 27,392 (and counting) raving customers who continue to shop with us over the last 5 years. 

We are a small-family owned business and believe in taking a stand against cruel and harmful methods for eliminating pests. 

So if you want to...

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Get your peace of mind back by shopping with us, because we're in this together. 

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