$29.95 $49.95

Uses dual-speaker ultrasonic & electromagnetic technology to repel away mice, rats, ants, cockroaches and spiders.

100% eco-friendly & safe around pets. Just plug it in, and get rid of your pest problem in 21 days or less, or your money back!


This instant insect killer works by emitting UV light that attracts flying insects and then zaps them with a high powered electronic grid. The insects drop to a removable tray that can be pulled out and emptied, washed and sanitized as you see fit.

Eliminates mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects from homes, offices, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and wherever flying insects are a problem.

$49.95 $59.95

Repels mice, rats & other rodents using powerful, sweeping ultrasonic sounds.

Humane, natural, and easy to use, the UltraSweep 2X is a pro at repelling pests from all areas of your home as well as indoor industrial environments such as restaurants, warehouses, garages, stores, food storage areas, utility rooms, and other commercial areas.

Excellent for clearing pests in areas where food is consumed and stored without any risk of contamination.