BarkWise™ COMPLETE - Trains Your Dog To Stop Barking - 100% Shock-Free and Humane

  • What Is Ultrasonic Sound?

  • What Is The Vibration Setting?

  • Is BarkWise Painful?

  • How Long Does It Take For BarkWise To Work?

  • Will BarkWise Eliminate All Barking?

  • How Long Is BarkWise's Battery Life?

  • How Do I Charge BarkWise?

  • Are There Any Restrictions On How Long The Collar Should Be Worn?

  • My Dog Is Deaf, Will BarkWise Work?

  • What Is The Remote Control Used For?

  • Is It Water Resistant?

  • Can I Use BarkWise With A Puppy?

  • What Size Of Dogs Can BarkWise Be Used On?

  • Can BarkWise Be Used With An Invisible Fence?

  • Can I Use Any AC Adapter?

  • Can my dog wear his regular collar while using BarkWise?

  • Does BarkWise come with a warranty or guarantee?